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Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

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About Go Accelerate, LLC

Accelerate began as an idea out of our sister company, Leadership Resources; an idea that we could take our decades of experience in leadership development and coaching and create technology that would enhance the development experience and begin to show companies the true return on their development and training investment. Accelerate was designed to do that and so much more. Our technology is designed to increase communication through better coaching, to raise accountability by keeping your priorities top-of-mind for your employees, and to increase the rate of achievement when it comes to not only employee goals, but company objectives.


At Go Accelerate, LLC we are passionate about employee and company development; about helping companies achieve a higher level of success, and we look forward to helping you experience the possibilities. 


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Being located in the heart of the silicon prairie, Lincoln, Nebraska, our values are very important to us. They are simple...

  • AUTHENTIC…no guess work necessary – consistent, respectful, and straightforward.

  • CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT…never settle for the status quo – have a thirst for learning and growing

  • GET $#IT DONE…be purposeful – take time to dream, and when it’s time to make it rain, intentionally do the things that make it pour.

  • LOVE WHAT WE DO…life’s too short to be miserable!Smile and help those around you smile.Be contagious.

  • WE'RE BETTER TOGETHER…the sum of our individual efforts combined with our timely teamwork make us ROCK!