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Technology That Drives Achievement

Smart goals, meaningful feedback, real accountability

A higher level of achievement is possible

Accelerate helps companies achieve better results through top-of-mind, accountable, goal tracking and reporting.


Keep employee goals top-of-mind through mobile reminders and update requests


Use Our SMART goal wizard to ensure well defined goals, with clear action steps to success.

Real-Time Reporting

Managers can use real-time reporting for more effective coaching, ensuring results.

Increased Accountability

Accelerate's technology leverages accountability to increase your rate of success.

Accelerate uses a SMART goal wizard to ensure companies set well-defined goals that truly help them achieve success. Companies can even choose to have their employees align their individual goals with the objectives of the company as a whole.

Once SMART goals have been set, Accelerate uses communication through email and text messages to request updates from users to ensure accountability by keeping their goals top-of-mind.

Real-time, at-a-glance Reporting

Accelerate's online goals report provides management real-time updates on the status of their team's goals.

Personal accountability begins with Accelerate's communication directly with users, but manager involvement is necessary to ensure increased success.

The online team goals report can be filtered and tagged to provide the level of detail desired by managers and supervisors. From a basic overview, to full detail on a particular goal.

Achievement Through Manager Engagement

Accelerate gives managers and supervisors the information they need to better coach their teams to a higher level of achievement.

Asking employees to set goals and stick to them is often ineffective unless their manager or supervisor is regularly involved in coaching them to goal achievement.

Accelerate gives managers and supervisors access to the detailed information about their team's goals. It allows them the opportunity to assist their teams in defining the behaviors necessary to ensure goal achievement, and grants them the information necessary to redirect efforts when necessary, and reward where appropriate.


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